What our Customers say...


A recent flash storm caused some rain damage to my home. We had a leak we were not aware of that progressively got worse while we were at work. SERVPRO was able to be out at our house the next day and fix all the damages inside. They saved the day!!

Our fire sprinklers went off in our building causing some water to soak into the carpet and damage the floors. It was a sprinkler malfunction and SERVPRO was able to clean up all of the floors. 

I love SERVPRO!!! They have helped me greatly after flooding in my house!

We had minor fire damage on our property this summer. It wasn't as bad as we expected when we were getting our place restored. The guys at SERVPRO knew what they were doing and finished everything fast. 

Water was all over our basement floor after the sump pump failed. We had to call our insurance company and everyone we knew to figure out what to do. We were recommended SERVPRO and they were worth it!!!!

Storm damage affected my house this spring and I needed someone to clean up all of the damages before we left for Spring Break. I trusted this team at SERVPRO to clean up and restore my home.

The Chamber had told me about getting my business cleaned by SERVPRO. I gave them a call and they walked me through what they would do. It was very helpful! They came out and cleaned my building in just one day! 

I found mold in my house and called SERVPRO in Scottsdale. They inspected what I thought was the mold and started working on the damages. They were really thorough and walked me through everything they did. 

We had a fire after a Turkey dinner gone wrong. Even on the holidays, these guys were able to help us. It was a mess, but SERVPRO could clean it up for us within a few days. 

When our toilet wouldn't flush and caused some backing up, we were freaking out and totally unsure of what to do. There was damages all over our floors. We called SERVPRO and they had a few guys out here in a few hours!!! 

Who knew a little wind could knock over a tree so quickly!! SERVPRO was able to come out after a tree fell on my property. It was scary, but SERVPRO helped the whole time and kept me reassured the property would be fixed and safe! 

We had them come clean our building after a COVID outbreak. We were lucky to call them and have them come out to clean the entire building. 

They had all the equipment we needed after a large leak happened in our building. Their fans were powerful and didn't need to be ran long to dry all the water!! 

Our home had a fire after a hair straightener was left on. We were devastated, but some friends told us about SERVPRO and we called them immediately. They were at our house cleaning the soot and all of the debris before we knew it. 

Always go with SERVPRO if you need some help after a leak or flooding or any kind of water issues. They were able to help me within a couple hours!! 

A leak in our roof got worse after a small storm rolled through. We needed someone to help with some of the damages in our home so we looked all over the internet for someone to help us. We are lucky we found this SERVPRO team. 

My business was under water after a leak. SERVPRO fixed me up!! Thanks SERVPRO! 

I didn't have to wait long at all for these guys to get out to my house after I called. They were so quick and I will tell everyone to use them. 

A small fire can do a lot of damage and we learned that the hard way. Luckily, we had SERVPRO of Scottsdale North to help us get our property back to normal. 

When we had some plumbing issues on the second floor of my house SERVPRO was able to take care of all the water around. We didn't have to worry for too long about the leak. 

Our department's bathroom flooded and SERVPRO was in the office in no time to clean it up!! We were so grateful for them to show up and cleanup the mess! 

We had water spraying from our faucet late at night and we were able to get SERVPRO on our property the next day. So great!!

We had a minor kitchen fire that caused more damage in our home than we thought and SERVPRO was able to fix it up quick so we weren't without a kitchen for too long. 

When our basement flooded from a water heater failure, we did not know what to do. But we found SERVPRO on the internet and we are so glad we did. They saved the day! 

After an unexpected rain storm we really needed someone to help with some damages our home had. SERVPRO helped us right away, even when it was still storming!

Our fire sprinklers malfunctioned in the office and SERVPRO was able to cleanup all the water and vacuum it out of the building quickly. We didn't miss a day of work or anything! 

They were so fast after I gave them a call. I didn't have to wait long for SERVPRO to be at my house doing an inspection! Way to go SERVPRO! 

When our garage caught fire, I had no idea what to do with all the damages. My friend told me about SERVPRO and they were able to come cleanup the garage the next day. I will recommend them to others as well!

SERVPRO helped my family so much after we had flooded the kitchen. This accident happened at the worst time, but SERVPRO helped right away!!!